This 11 Months Old Kid Was Chocking When Postman Came Along And Did The Unbelievable!

Chocking can be very dangerous. Eli, Stephanie Cooper’s son aged 11 months, put a plastic cover in his mouth which made him begin to choke. Her mother turned him over and started giving him first aid by pounding his back. However, all went in vain since the wrapper remained in the kid’s throat. She got hysterical and blacked out, as a Good Samaritan took over.

Terrified, she ran around looking for help. Nearby, her postal carrier in the small Carolina town, known as Chris Brown, came to help.

He got hold of Eli and did a Heimlich maneuver without speaking a word. Cooper could not believe what she saw as the plastic wrapper got out of Eli’s mouth making the child to start crying.

He had learned this Heimlich maneuver technique way back when he was an emergency trainer conducted by the post office. This was the very first time he put his training experience into action.

This mother still believes that fate placed Brown there at the exact moment of the tragedy. He was declared a hero by the Cooper family. He said that he never considered himself a hero since he would have done it to anyone and someone would have done it to his children too.

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