This 15 Month-Old Provides A Funny Argument To Her Father For Not Getting Off The Table. Hilarious!

It is normal to disagree with your parents from time to time. Arguments are a normal part of a family life. The most important thing is that parents should teach their children how to express themselves better and help them to speak up their opinions and ideas without being hurtful or even violent.

In this footage Lola, a 15-month-old toddler, decided  to stand on a high TV table. Her father was worried about her falling down and asked her to get off the table. Although, Lola was not yet able to speak, she provided a strong argument and refused to give into her father’s demands. Her father pointed out that he is in charge and tried to strengthen his authority with his daughter, but this one didn’t feel intimidated and continued to shout and wave her arms in the air. At this point, the father decided to give up the fight when he picked her off the table and hugged her. Eventually, Lola couldn’t help it but going along her father’s demands. Still, watching them argue was very amusing and adorable!

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