This 2-Years Old Is Meeting Her Father After 6 Months, Her Reaction? So Touching!

A girl of 2 years had nothing in mind when her mother revealed to her that there was something special waiting for her at the airport.

This little girl had spent six months without seeing her dad and there was no doubt that she was yearning to see him again. Randy, the father to the little girl, is a pilot who flies Blackhawk helicopters of the United States Army. The distance of thousands of miles never affected the ever growing love for father and daughter.

Even though it is very correct to appreciate and honor what the soldiers of this nation are doing to us, we should also put in mind the patience and the sacrifices of the families of the soldiers who also are eager to have them at home.

The truth of the matter is that, the families of our military men are the ones who give them courage to keep on performing their duties in a daily basis. Every soldier, including Randy, is eagerly waiting for the time to come when they will be told “Welcome Home Hero!”

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