This 345-Pound Woman’s Incredible Weight Losing Journey Will Drop Your Jaw!

The inspiring woman you are about to meet in the clip below had to beat overwhelming odds so as to achieve her goals – in the process, she ended up saving her life. For a very long time, her weight made her to be targeted by bullies. She remember when she was young, some of her classmates could call her hateful names behind her back and still there were those who could face her and do it. She could even receive lectures from doctors and she made her mind to live her life in denial. Though she pretended to be happy, she was hurting inside.

Since she weighed 345 pounds, Tracy was obese and risked diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. While many people in her position could have lost hope, she was determined to change her lifestyle. She went ahead to seek for professional help and what followed was countering the biggest challenge in her life.

You need to watch her incredible journey below and see how she managed to lose 200 pounds – all that was achieved without surgery or diet drugs. It’s a jaw-dropping transformation which you don’t have to miss.

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