This 80-Year-Old Visited This Place Daily, Then A Good Neighbor’s Act Did Wonders!

Jessica, a woman who comes from Gulfport, Mississippi was driving in her hometown when she spotted an SUV parked on the roadside with an elderly couple beside it. Curiosity made her stop and started to converse with them.


Helen and Kenneth Smith were the names of the couple. When she engaged with them further, she discovered that they were selling kindling wood so that they could get money to cater for Helen’s bills. She had cancer and to get money, Kenneth had to chop and bag the wood and one bag of the kindling costed $5.


A year later, Jessica was passing through the same spot and spotted Kenneth selling the wood. This time round, Helen was nowhere to be seen. When she asked about her, she learned that she had died.


Though heartbroken, she was touched to see that Kenneth was still out there trying hard to acquire some cash to cater for the medical bills she had left behind. Full of determination, he could wave at every car that drove past that spot.

Full of tears, Jessica knew she had to do something about it. She posted the story on Facebook with the aim of helping Kenneth. What happened next caught the two of them by surprise and you can’t miss watching the clip below.

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