This 9-year Old Boy Has A Heart Of Gold. What He Did To A Sick Girl Made Me Cry!

Keaton Hamin might be 9 years of age, but there is something that makes him the most noble hockey fan. He was a winner of a hockey stick in the Winnipeg Jets game that took place recently. The stick was signed by Tyler Myers, who plays for the team yet he went ahead and selflessly gave it to another person.  Alyx Delaloye was seated near Keaton and become so excited and anxious to see the stick. So, the 7 year-old kid left her seat and went to where Keaton was seated to have a look at it. When she went back to her seat, she never expected Keaton to approach her and do what he did.

Alyx was diagnosed with cancer and Keaton thought the little girl deserved the stick more than he did. He knew whenever he needed to play she could borrow his sister’s stick. It’s a fact that the boy’s act of kindness will forever live within the little girl’s mind.

Every parent will love to have a son like Keaton and I believe Alyx’s braveness cannot go unnoticed.

Once the game was over, the Jets team invited the little girl and her family to their locker room. Since that day, the two kids became good friends and as we speak, Alyx is going through her 6th round of chemo.

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