This baby Started Crying In Her Crib, But What The Dog Did Is Absolutely Amazing!! WHOA!!!

Pet owners know that bringing a new baby into the house can often be complicated for their pets. Suddenly, all the attention goes from the pet to the new baby. The situation may go one of two ways: Sometimes, the dog or the cat will fight to take back their owners’ attention, or they can just react with a sweeter behavior.

In this video, you will see how this adorable and kind beagle reacted when the baby started crying in her crib. Her father caught him rocking gently the baby to sleep by nudging her crib again and again and soothing her until she fell back asleep.

It may seem that this cute dog has been taking up some extra responsability since the new baby has been born. His owners must have taught him how to react in certain situations. What a smart dog!!

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