This Boy Made Judges To React Hysterically When He Finished Singing. So Talented!

What if you met a young singer whose voice has some bit of Keith Urban, Johnny Cash and Elvis? That’s what this 15-year-old boy claim to be having. Though I’m not in a position to judge that, I was shocked when I heard him perform “Man of Constant Sorrow.”

Sawyer comes from upstate New York and as revealed on his website, he normally sings when at the farm and when with the family. If he’s not playing his guitar, he’s busy giving the cows hay, riding a four-wheeler or gathering eggs. He’s what you call a total country boy.

Not long ago, he stunned many people across the world with his twangy voice when he took the stage at The Voice. The way he did his soulful rendition when singing the American folk song made many appreciate his phenomenal talent.

His down to earth spirit, shiny locks and bluesy voice make the young boy appear like a star waiting to take the future by storm. I have played this video many times to believe he really did it!

How do you rate this boy’s performance?

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