This Cashier Did This To A Boy, And The Results Were Magical. I’m All Smiles!

Sometimes, a simple, effortless act can be What all someone else needed to make their day. It’s much the same way Andy’s day was made because of a very simple act of kindness from cashier at a WinCo grocery store.

Andy has cerebral palsy, and on this day, he had accompanied his mom, Jeanie Robinson, to the store. It happened that Andy was flying in good spirits on this day, and the cashier couldn’t help noticing the wide smile on the boy’s face. Then she decided to widen it!

She let Andy help her ring in the sales at the counter. The boy was so happy that even after they left the store, he just couldn’t shake it off. He told his siblings about it and still kept smiling long after the deed. Andy really appreciated the cashier’s kindness. That’s nice!

His mom is happy too, saying that the simple incident made her day too. Heck out the clip here and love the story. If you think it’s cool, SHARE on Facebook!

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