This Child Survived Bombing, His Story Is Horrifying!

War is one of the worst activities that man does in the hope of dominating his neighbors at home or abroad. Since the beginning of civilization, men have been known to wage war just to amass wealth. History tells us of past fallen empires that ruled the earth with violence and oppression. However, unlike in the past where war was fought by hand or by use of crude weapons, today war is fought using highly destructive weapons. That means that unlike in the past where a soldier would only kill one person at a time unless they burned building, the use of bombs in modern warfare leads to deaths even of those people who are not considered threats.

That is what happened in the video below when a Syrian boy was dug out from rubble after a bombing mission had taken place. This inhuman acts committed by today’s armies are simply driven by the interests of a few people who care only for their well being and domination. The boy is silent throughout the video. That is because of the shock he underwent after their home was bombed. He was medically examined but found not to have sustained physical injuries.

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