This City Is Constantly Invaded By Deer. When You Find Out Why? So Breathtaking!

It is expected that animals should always be kept off the road, but from time to time, getting a wild surprise is expected.

Though that is what we expect, that’s not conformity in most Asian countries. Animals have the freedom of moving to wherever they wish to. The best examples can be provided by one Japanese city called Nara. Commuters have been caused problems by the high population of deer within this city. That means the many cars, bicycles as well as electric vehicles find it hard to move through the city with the packed population of deer.

If you think they are walking through the city streets searching for food, then you are completely wrong. One local legend revealed that Nara is the city that god Takemikazuchi visited while riding a white deer. He visited the city to guard the Heijo-Kyo’s capital, which was newly built. Since then, no one dares touching these animals as they are considered to be holy.

Seeing is believing, you have to watch this video to witness all that. I can imagine what could have happened if my own city was the one being discussed her! Just inconceivable!

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