This Clever Bird Plays With The Owner! His Response? I’m Surprised!

We are aware that there are some clever birds around. These birds are intelligent to the point where they can understand instructions, talk to someone as well as doing something extraordinary. The parakeet is one of the birds that can do such things. This bird can be trained easily and it’s one of the most social birds that one would intend to keep in the house.  These birds have the ability to adapt to a new environment set up easily compared to other birds. Most of us know them as good-natured and good-humored birds. At times, they can be mischievous to the point where one will like the way they behave. The best thing about this bird is the fact that they are very friendly.

In this video, you will realize that the parakeet has a unique talent that reveals how he is playful. This bird loves playing peekaboo with the owner. He also loves kisses. And surprisingly, he likes repeating the words “Hi Cody.”

I am sure most people would want to see how this bird behaves. Check it out for yourself!

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