This Cold-Hearted Serial Killer Showed No Emotions, Until An Old Man Took Him With These Words!

It is very hard to understand how a man who murdered about 60 women could remain unemotional when his victims’ families stood up one by one to speak from their hearts about their losses and express their sadness.

The man who acted these atrocious crimes is Gary Leon Ridgway, known as the “Green River Killer” because most of the dead bodies were found along the area. Although Ridgway was pleaded to the murders of 48 women, but his victims continue to show up since this video was taken. These horrible acts make him the biggest serial killer in the U.S history.

This video is revealing a part of his trial, families and relatives of the victims were given a chance to face the criminal and express their feelings and grief. Ridgway, the cold-hearted serial killer remained untouched until an old man, who is the father of one of his victims, took the podium and surprised not the murderer but everyone in court. What he said, some of us would find hard to believe; especially when a loved one is taken away in such a horrific way. Watch what the old man said and let us know whether you agree with his words or not.

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