This Cop Let These Little Ones Use The P.A System For This… That’s Special!

For the people working in the military, it can be hard leaving their families behind while they travel to the most remote parts in the world to secure us all. It’s even harder for the families when their loved ones are deployed to far places for long. That’s why this cop decided to make a change for once. He did well!

Joshua Buetow is in the Navy. He has a family and two kids. When he got called in, he and his family knew they wouldn’t be seeing each other again until summer. That’s why his entire family was out at the harbor to wave and say their goodbyes on the day of his departure. That’s sweet!

However, his two kids decided to extend their goodbye session even after the ship had moved from the shores. They shouted, and that’s when Officer James Weaver stepped in. He called them over, handed them the microphone to the police P.A system so they could “yell” out their goodbyes to their dad as much as they wanted. Wow!

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