This Couple Buried A Secret For 7 Decades, And You Won’t Believe What It Is!

Seven decades ago, Helen and Kenneth met, and a spark was ignited. It would live for the next 70 years. When the two met and fell in love, they were still too young to get married and their family didn’t approve of an early marriage, so they did what most people would do 70 years ago. They eloped!

They had to fake their ages to get married, and then they went on to raise 8 kids and had many grand-children. The two were just so inseparable that they always prayed together every day. And then the hour of darkness came. Helen died.

The love this couple shared was too strong to be broken, and Kenneth followed just 11 hours after his wife passed away. The story broke out and ABC picked it up. Here’s the authentic ABC video telling the story of this blessed couple.

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