This Couple Had Always Expected A Miracle, When They Got To The Hospital? So Heartwarming!

Be prepared for some breathtaking moments because this video is all about that! Here, a couple that has been struggling with infertility for 9 years is featured. That was the case until God decided to answer their prayers miraculously!

As a couple, they have always believed God’s time is always the best. On this day, they were travelling to California, where they were to meet a son whom they were to adopt for the very first time. They can’t wait to start a family and their discussion is enough to justify that.

Though the whole video is worth watching, you can skip to 3:40 to witness their priceless reaction when they meet their “Baby Boy.” All this happens in the hospital room.

You can understand the joy the new father and mother have since they have found the baby they had been looking for. It’s really a prayer answered at the right time!

If you have never believed in miracles, this is enough to let you know they exist. As a matter of fact, love comes in different forms and true love never disappoints.

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