This Couple Never Grieved When Their Newborn Did Not Make It. What They Did? I’m Speechless!

Parents rejoice when they know they will be soon having a newborn. But for Richard Staley and Emily, their joy was short-lived when Emily gave birth to a stillborn baby. As opposed to grieving the tragic experience like any other couple could have done, they did what many considered a bold decision. They thought the delivery was a beautiful one and invited Lindsey Natzic-Villatoro, who is a photographer to take the photos which they later wanted to document. After some time, they went ahead and posted the pictures on Facebook.  They needed to deal with the stigma which is associated with having stillbirths by doing what they did.

In most cases, parents who deliver still babies behave as if nothing happened but for this couple it was completely the opposite. By sharing it on social media, they wanted the whole world to know about it. You will be surprised to learn how various people reacted to their idea. What do you think about the message they’re trying to put across? Please comment in the section below for us to know. If you support the message they are trying to put across, kindly show them some love by SHARING with others!

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