This Deaf Mom Was Being Interviewed, Then Ellen Did This… WOW!

Sarah is a happy mom of two, but there is something she was not able to do until recently – she has all along been deaf. The deafness was caused when hairs at her middle ears failed to form due to some birth DNA.

She received an invitation to Ellen’s show 8 days after she had obtained her first hearing aid. In fact, she was able to hear the loud snores of her husband and the voices of her kids for the very first time in her 34 years. She was only able to acquire a single hearing aid, since the procedure required $30,000 per ear.

Sarah was offering the hearing device by her mother-in-law since as a couple they could not afford one. Not that Lari (the mother-in-law) was so rich, she had paid for the device with the money she received as her retirement savings. So when Ellen got wind of the act of kindness, she decided to invite them over to the show. She even arranged for a surprise with the company which had supplied Sarah’s original implant.

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