This Dog Patiently Waits For The Garbage Man, When He Comes? So Adorable!

I always enjoy watching moments of cuteness from time to time- particularly when pets are involved.

Today, we have a very unique kind of friendship here with us. If you thought dogs can only be friends of their owners and other dogs, then this will prove you’re wrong. We meet one Golden retriever who is so much used to the garbage man. Joshua discovered his dog is fond of the garbage man and decided to be accompanying him whenever he’s free to wait for him. Immediately the truck arrives and the man has stepped down, he releases the dog to go and meet his favorite friend.

Looking at the way the two exchange their greetings is enough to tell you how deep their friendship is. The dog begs the garbage man to allow play with him for some time and we see the kind of happiness he is filled when the wish is granted.  Finally, he concludes by giving his friend a cookie he brought him as a present.

This is one of those important lessons that dogs teach us as human beings. Did you learn something by watching these two friends? If you did, let us know by commenting below.

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