This Dog Struggles To Get Back His Toy. The Way He Reacts Is Hilarious!

The dog you’re about to meet was excited his human mom had bought him a new toy. His best friend, a cat, cuts short his joy by snatching his new gift. He is shocked and is in a dilemma on how to get it back.

The dog will no longer trust his pal. He has learned not to trust cats the hard way. This reminds me of the cat that used to steal the dog’s bed every time.

This video shows the struggle Thai goes through when he tries to reclaim his possession from an ungrateful cat. The cat intimated Thai; thus, he hesitates to take it on every chance he gets.

The dog’s owner posted the video with the caption, “Poor Thai. He is confused about how to get back his toy from the cat.” This YouTube video is more than five years old, but it recently went viral.

The cat and dog relationship is a representation of the frequent fights among siblings. The dog cannot snatch the toy even when given a chance. The cat looks at him as if mocking him for his inability to reclaim the toy.

Did the dog finally succeed in his mission? Watch the video to see who won!

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