This Dog Was Caught Walking Into The Store. But I Couldn’t Believe What He Did Later.

We all love to get Christmas gifts that we have been waiting for. Our four-legged friends deserve their gifts too. We know that toys are the most favorite gifts for dogs. Handing a toy to a dog is just like giving a candy to a child.

A smart husky decided to get his Christmas gift by himself as shown on this hilarious footage. He was caught on security cameras doing something strange. It seemed normal in the beginning as he walked into the store, but when he started heading directly towards the dog section it seemed like this dog came in for a mission.

According to local news station, the brave dog named Akira is an 11-year-old husky adopted by a couple who live 6 miles away from the grocery store. His owners said that he usually leaves their house to wander around but never expected that he could take this long distance trip. You must watch this video to find out what Akira had stolen from the store.

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