This Dog Was Raised In The Least Expected Conditions. What Happened Next Is So Touching!

These two met under very odd circumstances but they managed to make it work! It is not an easy thing for love and loyalty to exist in today’s world but these two have made it work and gave everyone else a reason to make it work. This relationship is so different and in a whole new level given that Jason is a man whereas Esther is a dog!

Mind blowing, right? but there is still not an ordinary type of acquaintance since they met in a prison. Jason who was a tough prison inmate met the puppy Esther at the K-9 companion program where the puppies are rehabilitated. Esther being a young and helpless puppy had faced abuse from a puppy mill before she met Jason. Jason helped her through the hard time and she eventually recovered from the physical wounds and replaced those bad memories with new ones she made with Jason.

The video was both heartbreaking and heartwarming due to the series of events! The sad part is that they didn’t get to live together forever since she was adopted by a new pet owner. The positive part was that she managed to get over her past and embraced the future!

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