This Driver Did This And Saved The Day, What A Hero!

Tim Watson was crowned a real hero for stopping an abduction attempt. This occurred last weekend when news went around of the disappearance of a 3- year-old boy from a library in the outskirts of San Francisco. In an hour, the driver of valley transportation Authority, Tim Watson, noted a man and a boy with the same specifications given out, boarded on his bus.

At the very instant moment, he never took notice of it, but as time went by, he could see clearly that the boy was shedding tears. This is when Tim, a father of two, came to his senses that something was absolutely wrong.

In no time, he cooked a clever plan to get hold of the suspect and hand him over to the police. Acting to his plan, he put the bus to a halt, and then began questioning all the passengers aboard if they had seen a lost bag. All this was only to get to the wrongdoer. Meanwhile, carrying as if looking for the missing bag, took the opportunity to call the authorities. Upon reaching the police station, the officers were waiting. There he was, the abductor aged 23 years old, getting down from the bus with the kid in his arms.

When the child was taken away from the kidnapper, he was handed to supervision. Luckily the little kid had no injuries at all.

Upon learning of his act of stopping an abduction, the driver said that he performed a duty that any father would have done

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