This Duo Will Floor You With Their Amazing Performance! Watch This!

If you have never loved gospel music, watching this video will make you learn something you have never known about that genre of music.

This performance took place at one reality competition show named Duets which aims at bringing together unknown singers and famous musical mentors. The two parties come together and perform in the presence of an audience. John Glosson who is yet to make himself a name in the musical industry got the chance of singing alongside a mentor by the name Jennifer Nettles. They were performing “How Great Thou Art,” and their hard work was evident when they took the stage.

If you’re looking for power and beauty in a voice, then Jennifer Nettles has both. That meant John’s work was cut out. Watching the two belt the song out may make you think they have always sang together all through. The way they were able to effortlessly give such a stunning performance is enough to show the kind of talent they possess.

This Christian hymn is one of my favorites and was composed back in 1885 by Carl Gustav Boberg who was a poet. The song features a Swedish poem and traditional melody. Despite the many years it has been around, the powerful message within it is always brought out when performed well.

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