This Elderly Couple Gets Rescued From Drowning After Being Swept By A Wave, It’s A Miracle!

Humans are very hard creatures when it comes to understanding their way of thinking. For instance, why would one prefer to go out to the beach on a day when there is a terrible storm just to have a view of what Mother Nature is doing? I don’t disagree that it is spectacular sight, but how can you be in a place where there is no protection at all?

In the clip below, we see a couple of advanced age approaching a beach to have a view of how the sea was rough due to a storm that was approaching. When they are near it, all seems to be well till the second when a big wave suddenly approached the shore. Since they were old, the man was swept with the tide into the sea. On seeing that, the old lady too rushed to help her husband and also was swallowed by the wave. Luckily, there was a man by the shore of about thirty something years who came to their rescue. Had it not been for him, they would have been drowned and become past tense for no good reason!

This is a reminder to everyone to keep distance from the sea when the weather is rough or when a storm is approaching.

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