This Elderly Man Was Stuck, What Happened Next Has Made This Clip Go Viral!

Recently, James, an 80-year-old man was going home on a hot summer day when his motorized scooter’s battery died. The elderly man had no other alternative of going home and that meant he was stranded. Out of nowhere, a policeman appeared and did the unexpected.

Officer Moises Costa from Fort Pierce told James to get on his Scooter and pushed him along. He pushed him for a half a mile until he was home. It was a passerby who was touched by what the officer was doing who did the recording and posted the clip online. In just 24 hours, the clip had managed to get over 10,000 views.

A few days down the line, James who was so thankful was visited by the kindhearted officer. According to Costa who was a rookie at that time, he was inspired to join the profession by such moments. He believes helping the community is part of his job.

Police officers have been associated with negative headlines and these are some of the moments that show us that our officers are dedicated to protecting and serving us. Kindly SHARE this clip with your Facebook friends!

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