This Elvis-McBride Collaboration Will Awe You- You Can’t Miss This One!

I adore the legendary performer, Elvis Presley, even in death. Elvis was a talented musician and passionate about creating good music.

When Elvis passed away, Martina McBride was still a child. Just imagine the collaboration between the two talented musicians. The duo has been revered by music lovers for their contribution and incredible talent for art and culture. While the two are from different generations, we did not expect this performance from the duet.

Thanks to the technological advancement, a creative genius combined the voices from the two generations. With Christmas fast approaching, this is one of the best performances of this year. Have you listened to the “impossible “version from the two singers? The song is titled” Blue Christmas.”

“Blue Christmas” is a common Christmas music genre. However, the Elvis version is most popular. Just like his other songs, Elvis has taken the classic to another level. You may have seen Elvis with his acoustic guitar, wait till McBride walks in and begins singing.

The duet with their beautiful and harmonious voice put a smile on the faces of the viewers on YouTube. The video has over nine million viewers.

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