This Fairy Door Can Be Used To Amaze Kids And Reward Them For Good Behavior. Watch How!

Do you have little children? How do you make sure that they are well behaved all through? How do you teach them that being a good person is rewarding while doing wrong does not? Well, this video can give you some ideas that are guaranteed to work well for kids under the age of seven. In the video, a little girl finds a little blue on the wall. The little door was not there before. So the kid goes to the one person she knows could have an answer. That is none other than mom. When mom sees the door, she tells her that fairy princes must have put it there for her.

The little girl wants to open the door to see what is inside. Mum however tells her that she is going to need a key. That is because fairy princes lock those doors so that only those intended to have the gifts can have them. They then come and open the door at night and leave the gifts put aside the door. That can only happen if the kid behaves well and therefore deserves to be gifted. Watch and SHARE this amazing video for raising kids.

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