This Famous Recipe Saved Did A Miracle. You Will Love To Give It A Try!

Decades ago, the American, and the world economy hit a snag. Economies went under and families suffered. This was a bad period for the whole world, and this lady will tell you all about it – especially the part about her own family back then. It’s touching!

Clara Cannucciari was in her 20s when the Great Depression hit the nation, but she was lucky to land a job at Hostess. She married, had a good son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Hers is a nice story. Clara also has a website. In this clip, she talks about how her family survived the economic turmoil. They had a special recipe that she can’t forget!

Every Sunday, her family made some sweet cookies for breakfast, and they had to use what they had. The recipe is great, and you’ll definitely want to learn how to make these too! In the video, Clara talks about her early days as she teaches you about this cool cookie recipe that’ll want to try out right away.

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