This Farewell Letter Of A Mother To A Dead Daughter Will Make You Cry Unwillingly!

Parents never wish to lose any of their kids at any point in life as they are the dearest people to them and life without them is definitely hard to live . Kate, a daughter to Lindsay Rhoades’ of four years, was found to be having lymphoblastic leukemia in 2013. She was put under treatment till 2015, of which she showed a lot of positive progress. But when a blood check-up was done on her, it was found that the disease had attacked her and the following day she passed away.

Her mother arrived at her bed an hour later and started to bid her farewell. She drafted a letter to her daughter and her aim was to let everyone be aware of lymphoblastic leukemia, so as to be of help to those parents who had kids with the same condition. Luckily enough, the letter is being shared on Facebook and has become very popular!

The letter addressed to Katie narrated how Lindsay and her husband wished to be her parents and how they had dreamt of who she would turn out to be, her first date and her favorite music, but not the fact that she was to grow up to keep disturbing them all their lives.

What a nice way to bid farewell to her daughter! Please SHARE the letter to all your friends and family on Facebook!

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