This Funny Advert Was Banned From Being Put On Air, But It’s So Hilarious!

The below clip starts with four pretty young people; two women and two men, playing strip poker while sitting. Looking at the clip, you can think that the following action is known to you but it’s not like that! When one of the ladies dressed sexy is about to remove all her clothes, the lights are turned on. This makes the camera to turn away from her and to the door where some nurse, a male one is standing.

This ad is made in such a way that you will need to watch it fully. It is quite a funny advert that will earn a smile on your face after looking at it, more so when you get to see the product that is being advertised. They really had a cool idea about the ad!

Although it’s a cool ad, it was banned from being aired on TV because it was considered to be too sexy. Surely, the publicist of this commercial found a clever way to catch the attention from people, which has made become so popular on the internet. The trick to win me is to come up with something that makes me yearn to look at it every time.

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