This Gentle Peruvian Flute Play Will Make You Dream Of Paradise – Incredible!

Sometimes all you need is a little time out and the gentle sound of some cool music that takes you to high places. At that moment, all you can do is close your eyes and let the instrumentals drift you off to some mystical paradise backed up by the vibrations of a well-sounded tune. It must be a flute, and it must be Peruvian!

Case in point is this instrumental written and composed way back in 1913. Daniel Robles, a Peruvian, came up with this piece, and now it’s winning prizes in the Peruvian National Heritage. It’s “The Flight Of The Condor!”

Its composition was inspired by the unique musical culture of the Peruvian inhabitants in the Andes. It makes effort to capture the “laid-back” scenery and puts forth a feeling of a drifting tropical get-way in the mystical Peruvian jungles.

As the performer works his flute to perfection, you’re treated to a rather suspensive overfly of a huge condor across the jungles and down to the shores and beaches. This is intriguing!

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