This Girl Recorded A Teacher Harassing A Student. The Result? I Can’t Believe This!

In this video, we meet Brianna Cooper. She recorded her one of her teachers harassing a student. According to Cooper, she believed that the teacher was bullying and threatening one of her classmates. As a result, she decided to record everything that happened in the class using her phone. In the video, the teacher was threatening to drop one of the students. She took the evidence to another teacher only to be surprised by an immediate suspension.

I think the teacher suspended this girl because everything happening in the classroom should be private, and it’s illegal to record without the permission of the teacher and the student. I now understand how class-recordings can interfere with another student’s privacy. Although Brianna was suspended, there was no investigation done on this matter to determine if the allegations towards the teacher were true. One will conclude that the administration is more concerned with protecting the school’s reputation than the students.

What is your opinion about this idea? What would you expect the school to do on this matter particularly the cell phone recordings? Kindly SHARE your remarks in the section below.


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