This Girl Was Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer After Wedding And What She Decided To Do Will Bring You To Tears!

At age 29,  Brittany Maynard has bright hopes for the future: starting a family with her newlywed husband, traveling and going on mountain-climbing adventures with her friends. But On New Year’s Day, Maynard was diagnosed with brain cancer. First she was given up to 10 years to live. Then the doctors learned that she was diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma, which will likely take her life within six months. After hearing from her doctors that the tumor would  likely cause a slow and painful death. She decided to end her life by her own terms so she moved with her husband and parents from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon, which has a death-with-dignity legislation on the books. And on Nov. 1, Maynard intends to end her own life surrounded by her loved ones with medication prescribed to her by her doctor .

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