This Girl Will ‘Kill’ Her Brothers – And She Has A Good Reason To Do So!

Millicent has had the luck of being born into a prankster family. Her 3 brothers, Barret, Cabot, and Hudson, are all pranksters who have always been waiting for a good chance to pull something crazy on her, and now they had it!

Millicent had just had her wisdom tooth removed. The drug was still active on her, and that gave her brothers a ripe opportunity to convince her that a zombie apocalypse had actually broken out on the planet. Her reaction to the false piece of story is as hilarious as it is almost shocking. The brothers can’t hold themselves together as the little lady falls for the trick!

This young lady hasn’t been the easiest to prank, although she’s been pulling tricks on her brothers. Now after this, she’ll recover, and you can be most certain that these 3 guys will pay an arm and a leg for their funny misconduct. She could as well launch a whole load of pranks on them!

This is too funny. You can’t miss. Just go ahead and click on the video, watch and SHARE on Facebook!


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