This Gorilla Hasn’t Forgotten The One Who Raised Him – Watch His Reaction!

We all have different dreams, such as what we would do if we were to get rich. We think of the multiple things we would love to do if we had free time from our daily jobs. Such was the dream of Damian. He dreamt of doing conservation work. The opportunity came in form of raising gorillas before releasing them into the wild. He enjoyed the relationship he developed with Kwibi, the gorilla he adopted. Then the time came for him to be released into the wild and Damian felt heartbroken to do it.

Five years passed and Damian felt that he should meet his adopted “son” to find out how he was doing in the wild. He was warned that if he did so, he may be attacked because Kwibi had already become wild. Damian thought instead of backing away from his plan, he should come up with a strategy to deal with Kwabi in case he did not recognize him or became hostile. He and his team came up with an idea to distract him with food if they sensed he was becoming hostile.

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