This Guy Broke The Zoo Rules To Do This To An Orangutan. Watch The Action!

When you go to the zoo, you find that they’ve some rules. One of them is that you shouldn’t feed the animals, the reason being that the creatures might get a little too accustomed to it and hence want to get too close to humans. That could be dangerous to people. Another reason is that the food given to them might cause a bad reaction or be contaminated. That’s not good for the animals. But one guy went to Russian and decided to flout the rules. The results? You must see this!

So this guy is at the zoo with his buddies, and then they come across this nice Orangutan. The guy starts some sigh language with the ape and then shows him a banana. The Orangutan is obviously intrigued, and through the already established “communication channel,” he manages to woo the guy into tossing the banana over to him. It becomes a nice game when the guy asks the creature to reciprocate the courtesy, which he does very gracefully. And that’s it. It becomes a game of throw and catch!

This is great. However, it’s still emphasized that people shouldn’t feed the animals at zoos. Check this out, and if you love it, SHARE it out with your Facebook friends!

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