This Guy Gets A Load Of Used Crayons Weekly. What He Does With Them? Too Kind!

For the smart people, it takes just a little clue to spring them into action, and it seems like this guy fall in that cool category. Bryan Ware is a great dad, and not just to his own kids. You want to know why!

Bryan noticed that schools and restaurants were trashing the used crayons, and that got him thinking. What if he could collect this “trash” and turn into some more useful things? He went into action, and you’ll love just how it’s all turning out.

Bryan now collects these crayons and takes them home. He then melts them and makes them into some new, lovely and very useful crayons. And guess where he takes them? He doesn’t sell them. He gives them out to the kids in local hospitals to exercise their drawing creative with them. That’s cool!

The good dad has become so dedicated in this act of kindness that he has even formed an organization, The Crayon Initiative, which has gone on to attract member who collect the used crayons. He now collects about 500 pounds of used crayons weekly. Great!

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