This Guy Is Famous In His Hometown, You’ll Love Him Too If You Watch This… WOW!

Every time someone talks about dancing, you’re inclined to think about some really cool movies like Step Up and West Side Story. I mean, what if we all stop with the hate and start solving our differences through dance? Awesome, isn’t it?

Well, one thing we can all agree with is that there’s always a champion in everything, and this little guy seems to have earned it in his hometown. Luke Spring hails from the town of Ashburn, Virginia, and he’s been stealing everyone’s hearts there since 2010. Luke can really dance, and he’s been in the spotlight for it!

In fact, Luke has participated in great competitions like “So You Think You Can Dance” and also earned a role in “A Christmas Story: The Musical” during his Broadway debut. One thing for sure is that he’s been good in all that, and what he and this other guy are doing in this cool clip is even better!

So go ahead and check out the clip as these two showcase their dancing prowess. You’ll surely want to SHARE this on Facebook right away. Drop a comment too!

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