This Guy Is One Talented Artist. He Does Something That Touches The Whole Community. Watch This!

In this video, you are going to witness how a one-time project grew into a full time series on YouTube. It all started at the children’s home where Vancouver artist Vagner had donated what he had with the children. His act of humanity was posted on YouTube, where the video showed the viewers what happened. The public gave a positive and overwhelming response and this was a clear indication that they wanted more of humane acts.

Travis is one of the local talented artists in Vancouver and he creates the canvas and murals whereby he donates most of them to the children’s hospice. Through Vagner’s art, the people have joined hands with him to help the community. I just like what this artist is doing since this is very kind of him. It is always good to help someone who needs your help, especially when you can.

After watching this video, I realize there are people around me who can benefit from my help and as a result I will do something for them. Watch this video to see what happened!

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