This House Looks Normal During Daytime, But At Night? Unbelievable!

Christmas time is characterized with these three basic things which are food, gifts and decorations. But of all the three things, what makes people recognize your Christmas efforts is the kind of decorations that you do on your yard because it is what people see. In the clip below, you will be surprised to see how a family got to decorate their home in preparation for Christmas.

While driving in his locality in Arkansas, a teacher by the name of Hannah Pigman, came across a house that was decorated in the most amazing manner that she had never seen before. The decorations comprised of the Christmas lights that were well placed on the exterior of the house.

What made her get surprised the most is not the lights but the way they were synchronized with the song “Let It Go” along with a scene from the blockbuster hit Frozen projected onto the garage

The family had gone further in placing a frequency antenna outside their house so that any car passing nearby would easily receive the waves and the owner would ear the song from the car’s radio.

Watch the clip below to see the most exciting light decoration. Let us know if you have ever seen something like this before by commenting below. Please SHARE the amazing video to all your friends on Facebook!

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