This Incredible Image Transforms 3 People And Forms A Wolf – Unbelievable!

Humans have used temporary paint for body painting in the past.  Body paint is an important cultural practice in some countries in the world. It is often used in the community rites and rituals. However, modern body painting is used for aesthetic purposes and appreciating artwork.

Ever heard of the art piece titled” The Wolf.”? The artistic piece has stunned people globally. The work of the artist was posted on the artist’s YouTube.

In the footage, a lone wolf howls. Behind the wolf, is a snowy backdrop, and the effect of the moaning wind. The wolf goes silent and the models separate. The models had positioned themselves to create and paint the wolf.

Johannes Stotter is a self-taught artist and the creator of the heavenly piece. The talented artist has won several awards since his debut in 2009. Additionally, he is a versatile artist known for his nature-based work.

The body painting workshop dubbed the “2016 World Body Painting Festival is slated for July 1-3 in Austria. Some of the festival activities include Zombie crawl, body painting workshop and body painting contest.

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