This Is A Dancing Group That You Will Always Love To Watch…Here Is Why!

U.K’s Got To Dance season 3 was won by an Irish dancing crew known as Prodijig. You will notice why they deserved to win once you see them perform. In their last appearance on the stage, they gave a mind-blowing performance.

They were doing some traditional Irish step-dancing and ended up adding some modern touch to it. They began with “Pon De Floor” which was done by Major Lazer and then followed it with “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” one of Skrillex’s performances.

The audience and the judges were wowed by their precise and flawless footwork as they continued performing in the competition. The performance that’s covered within this video is the one that ended up them winning the competition. As a group, it’s not the first time they have tasted success!

Seven of the dancers from this group happen to be former Riverdance leads. Those are: Ciara McGillan, Alan Kenefick, Darren Casey, Andy O’Reilly, Dane McKiernan, Christina Havlin and Craig Mason. It’s obvious they dedicated some valuable time to their practice.

This is one of those performances that I won’t tire watching. I can’t wait to see the Prodijig group take the stage again. Bravo!

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