This Is How The Elephant Community Welcomes A Newborn. OMG!

Whoever said elephants are some very intelligent creatures wasn’t lying. Elephants may live and die in the wild, but they’re one of the smartest citizens of this planet. This video will prove so and beyond!

It’s at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – deep in the Chobi National park, Botswana. Ginette and Christian Leroy spotted a rare “occasion,” and they hastily pulled out their cameras and captured this beautiful sight. It’s an elephant giving birth to a beautiful baby, but that’s really not about it. It’s about how the elephant community is set to welcome this little one into the world. This is so lovely!

Watch as they lift him up and apply some dust on him to beat the sun’s heat. They’ve even composed a special trumpeting tune to be unleashed during such great occasions. The even better part happens when they surround the little elephant as if swearing some kind of allegiance to protect and care for the new member. This is all too awesome to fully describe!

You might want to check out the video and see this for yourself. You’ll be touched, and you’ll SHARE this!


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