This Is How We Should Live. Here’s The Reality Check! A Must Watch!

Freedom is a luxury few can enjoy.

It is funny how the tides of life change. When we were young, every day was a learning adventure. It was timeless. Somewhere along the way, a lot of things have changed. We are living in scheduled time; working hard today to secure our future.

We have fallen into a routine; the rat race. We explore the world through books. Our lives are examined and measured like a specimen in a laboratory.

We work hard and follow the rules. Failure to do so results in loss of freedom. The elites and corporates hold us hostage in our pursuit of money. We have poisoned the last water source, cut the trees and replaced them with toxin –producing factories and we slaughtered and pumped our animals with antibiotics.

Are we really free? What does it take to be free? Working 60 hours a week all our lives till death beckons?

We chase money working and working, spend time staring at our screens in pursuit of happiness and freedom. Little do we know, the happiest people have the least resources? Probably, it is time we mastered the joy of living.

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