This Is The 16-Year-Old That Made A Judge Tear Up. I’m Moved!

Ella Henderson can really do things onstage.

During the The X Factor UK season in 2012, this 16-year-old decided to do something that proved both daring and very touching.  Ella performed a rendition of “Believe” by Cher, which had some pretty strong impact.  The audience was blown away, and you could tell that people were getting some feelings that accompanied every second of this epic performance. Most notable was Judge Nicole Scherzinger, who couldn’t keep herself from dropping a few tears by the end of the rendition.

We at the SF Globe were equally touched. Ella had just tweaked the tempo of the song a little, and the result was one of the most emotional performances of the season. You have to hand it to this girl for coming up such a great piece. I had to give her my thumps up!

Watch and get emotional…and try not to cry a lot.  What do you think of Ms. Henderson’s piece? Don’t you think she really nailed it? Give your opinion in the comments section. This video is not something you’ll want to keep under wraps, so please make sure you SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook. They’ll like it!

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