This Is The Perfect Gift That You Can Give To A Grandmother Suffering From Dementia!

There are very many ways that you can make your grandmother suffering from dementia happy, just like what the woman in the clip below did to her grandmother by giving her a baby doll.

“Christmas present to my grandmother Lily” was the title that Maxine Daniel gave the clip. She said that she was overjoyed to see her grandma happy with the Annabell Doll.

When Lilly received the Annabell Doll as a gift, she immediately held it in his arms. He face gets brightened up with a smile as she supports the doll in her arms, which makes baby sounds. She goes ahead to rock her like a true baby and later keep her warm by wrapping a blanket on her.

When interviewed, Maxine confessed to FEMAIL that her grandmother was the sweetest and caring person ever before suffering from dementia. She had passion for kids, but unfortunately the disease was making her forget her family members and started to behave like a kid too. For this reason, she bought her a doll to keep her busy.

Maxine said that her grandmother now has something that keeps her busy, as she spends time taking care of the baby and talking to it.

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