This Is What Happens If You Don’t Hire A Professional Babysitter. I’m Hurting!

When the father secretly installed a camera, he couldn’t believe what he saw happen to his child.

Do you leave your child at home? Do you know how risky that is? Well, sometimes you may be forced to leave your child at home so that you can be able to earn some income to support yourself, and the baby.

The following unfortunate child abuse incident happened in Uganda, when a father hired a babysitter. The child was being fed some food. As it happens with most kids, she accidentally split some food on the floor. When the nanny saw this, she did the unimaginable.

In the video, the nanny immediately picks up the child by her hand, and throws the child to floor, face first. You can see the child struggle as she falls. She then starts to beat the child as she hurls verbal abuses to her.

The father of the child couldn’t help it when he saw the video; he took matters into his own hands. The nanny is reported to have been confined to a wheel chair and being fed through pipes. This was because of the injuries she sustained after receiving beatings from the baby’s father.

The father of the child is also pressing attempted murder charges against the nanny.

If you wish to see the video that has gone viral, click on the link below. In the comments below, tell us what you think the nanny should be charged with, and what you could have done as the child’s father.

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