This Is What Happens When You Go Around Stealing Your Neighbor’s Stuff. This Is Brilliant!

In 2011, someone behaved undesirably in a neighborhood in Chicago and she got the raw deal of a neighbor’s wrath.

David Welles hates thieves. To keep his property safe from such sticky hands, David has his home under constant watch by cameras installed at every corner.  One day, his security system caught something!

There’s this “thieving” neighbor who doesn’t like the idea of owning her own stuff, so when winter came and her car was covered with snow, she decided that the best course of action would be to steal a shovel and use it to dig it out. In fact, she decided to keep the shovel for herself even after using it to her satisfaction. What a crook!

When David noticed the shovel missing, he checked his cameras and saw everything. He had been working on an igloo with his daughter, but now the neighbor had stolen the shovel before they could finish with their art. Next? Interesting!

David took out his snow blower and did something you’ll want to see.

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