This Is What It Means To Be Human – Let Us All Do This And Change The World!

Different people have different demands during the Christmas period. There are those who yearn to have bigger TVs, while all other want is the newest iPhones. Though it is not wrong to have those demands, there is something we forget during that time – there are others out there who may not be having even a warm coat to protect themselves from the unforgiving winter.

Back in 2013, one kind user of YouTube decided to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate people. The user is from a channel called “The Random Altruist.” He started by asking the homeless people the things they wished to have during Christmas. While doing that, he was surprised by the answers he got from them – though some of them were expected. It is what he decided to do that will make you shed tears once you watch the clip below. He must really be having a heart of gold!

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